Use of digital sheet music as a musician or group

upload Upload own scores or order them online and use them digitally

devices Excellent apps for free for Apple, Android and Windows

synchronization Automatic synchronization of all devices and groups

management Score management for groups and institutions

Videos to get started with dimusco as
Personal use
Invited musician
Group manager

For Musicians

Use any device to view scores and edit your annotations. Our apps are available for free on all operating systems, include great tools, and automatically synchronize scores and annotations between devices. Use the big screen at home, a dedicated or shared tablet at rehearsals, and the laptop on the plane or train. Your login credentials are all you need to access your scores and annotations anytime and from anywhere.

iPad & iPhone
iMac & Macbook

For Groups

Bands, choirs, and orchestras organize and manage their members, groups, scores, annotations, and productions easily and securely via the browser from anywhere and at any time. For a new production, only the existing groups are adjusted and the scores assigned, everything else is done by the automatic synchronization.