Use of digital sheet music as a musician or group

upload Upload own scores or order them online and use them digitally

devices Excellent apps for free for Apple, Android and Windows

synchronization Automatic synchronization of all devices and groups

management Score management for groups and institutions

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Personal use
Invited musician
Group manager

For Musicians

Use any device to view scores and edit your annotations. Our apps are available for free on all operating systems, include great tools, and automatically synchronize scores and annotations between devices. Use the big screen at home, a dedicated or shared tablet at rehearsals, and the laptop on the plane or train. Your login credentials are all you need to access your scores and annotations anytime and from anywhere.

iPad & iPhone
iMac & Macbook

For Groups

Bands, choirs, and orchestras organize and manage their members, groups, scores, annotations, and productions easily and securely via the browser from anywhere and at any time. For a new production, only the existing groups are adjusted and the scores assigned, everything else is done by the automatic synchronization.

Affordable for Everyone

The entire package of personal library, institution management and all apps is available free of charge and can also be used permanently free of charge on a small scale. The scope of use is determined monthly based on the number of scores that dimusco manages and provides. When used as an institution, the number of members is included in the calculation.

We support all non-commercial groups and charge them only one member, regardless of the actual number of members!
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A selection of good devices

The selection of tablets is large and constantly growing. New devices with E Ink displays inspire with pleasant readability even outdoors, with low weight and enormous endurance. Since dimusco provides not only excellent apps for Apple devices but equally top-quality apps for Android and Windows, the best device for the available budget and the respective purpose can be selected in each case. The automatic synchronization of dimusco even makes the different tablets and computers usable side by side.

Bigger is Better

For many musicians, "the bigger the better" applies, since it makes reading from a distance easier or large scores only readable. Therefore, we start with the biggest tablet that also has a lot to offer otherwise, the Samsung S8 Ultra. It has a fantastic 14.6-inch display, is very thin and a pen with eraser function is already included. It is not the lightest device due to its size and the 16:10 format leads to slightly wider edges. In return, you get the biggest display and save about a third compared to the big iPad.

The top dog

Apple pioneered digital score use years ago with the large iPad, and the large iPad is still a very good choice today. It no longer has the best or largest display, but with its 4:3 aspect ratio it produces fewer borders than most other tablets. The usual limitation to the Apple universe is overcome by dimusco, which makes its excellent apps available for all operating systems. Thus, the price is the biggest weakness, especially when a choir or orchestra needs to purchase a large number of devices.

Much more than a compromise

The 12.4-inch display of the Samsung S7FE is nominally barely smaller than that of the larger iPad, but the 16:10 aspect ratio reduces the display a bit. It also doesn't have the power of the iPad or Samsung Ultra, but it doesn't need it for digital score use. It is an excellent tablet, especially for choirs, as it is large enough for that and is also handy and relatively light. A pen with erase function is always included. The highlight is the combination of these good features with a very reasonable price, just a third of the big iPad.

So close to paper

Tablets with E Inc displays are polarizing. They are perfect outdoors in sunshine, while normal displays are reflective and hardly legible. However, they do not know colors, an option that many digital users do not want to miss anymore. If that doesn't bother you, you get the largest display at 13.3 inches with a perfect aspect ratio of 4:3. In addition, this tablet is very thin and light and runs for a week or more on one battery charge. Especially for digital score use, it's a dream that costs significantly less than the big iPad.

Scrolling with the feet

The range of pedals is huge, the connection via Bluetooth is simple, and they usually work somehow. So you can't really do much wrong, but sometimes get annoyed by unwanted noise or unreliable response. A cheap and compact device that has proven its reliability and works quietly is the iRig BlueTurn.